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Welcome on the web site Deprez.org Deprez.info. This site does not have any claim or title. It wants just to exist. You will find there the addresses of the family.

Incidentally, there are some pages on various subjects.

Green ?

The first question which one can ask : why this web site is green?

There are several answers :


On this web site: no publicity, not at all. In short : tranquility...


This web site does not seek to know who visited it, when and at what time.
This web site does not seek an audience.
This web site does not deposit "cookies" in your computer.


Contents of this site can be modified without notice.


All contents of this website are protected by copyright.

English / French

Help me to improve English of this site by sending me your remarks ...

Web Browser

You can use the web browser you wish, it's your right ...

For me, I test with MSIE, Firefox, Opera and Safari, a lot of work indeed.

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